Loan Application Checklist

This is a general list of items needed.  Depending on the loan program and other factors the list may be different.

Employment and Income:

  •  W-2s from the previous two years
  •  Pay-stub(s) covering the last 30-days, consecutive and showing year-to-date earnings, computer generated
  •  Application must show the previous two year’s employment history, including dates employed and phone numbers. Please fill out on application completely
  •  If self-employed, paid over 25% by commission or bonus or earn rental income provide the most recent two year(s) of federal tax returns including all schedules, personal and business as applicable.
  •  Current executed lease agreements on any rental properties that are not listed on the most recent tax returns
  •  If receiving and disclosing alimony or child support income, provide a copy of the court order, document receipt of the payments for the last three months, and show proof the payments will continue for at least three years (birth certificates for child support)
  •  If receiving pension, social security or other fixed income, provide a copy of the award letter, document receipt of the payments for the last three months, and show proof the payments will continue for at least three years



  •  Previous two months’ bank account statements, please provide all pages, even if blank, statement must show all account holder information, account number & institution name (internet and teller statements must show this information).  The source of large deposits must be documented.
  •  Vested Retirement, whole life cash value, CDs, money market and investment account statements, documented as above.
  •  Gift funds must be documented by a gift letter and proof of deposit into your account



  •  Complete sales contract executed by all parties
  •  Cancelled check(s) for earnest money deposits – front & back or micro copy (when available but at least 14 days prior to closing.
  •  Homeowner’s insurance policy and one (1) year paid receipt needed 14 days before closing.                                  



  • Please provide the name and phone number of your current homeowner’s insurance agent or declaration page and receipt
  • Recent statement for current mortgage loan



  •  If the property is a condominium:  association name, address and phone number, certificate of insurance
  •  If prior marriages are involved, executed divorce decree and property settlement
  •  Receipts for settlement of judgment, past due, collection or charge off accounts and bankruptcy discharge if any apply
  •  Copy of driver’s license(s) or valid photo ID(s) and a passport or social security card.
  • HUD-1 settlement sheet for properties or loans acquiring in the current year
  • Mortgage statements, tax and insurance bills (if those payments are not escrowed) on other real estate owned
  • Letters to explain:  1) recent credit inquiries  2) past derogatory credit
  • 12 month’s cancelled checks for debts on your credit report that are paid by another party