Settlement-Closing Your Loan

Congratulations!  This is the day you were waiting for.   Closing are normally run by the closing agent.  This may be an attorney.  Their firm collects funding from all sources and the disburses funds to all parties who are receiving funds from closing.  They will also handle your loan closing documents and notarize them.  Closing agents do a lot behind the scene as well including making sure the property has clear title, checking the tax assessment, ordering payoffs, recording documents at the courthouse and more.

What to expect at closing

  • Purchase:  The Seller(s), Realtor(s), Attorney(s) and hopefully your mortgage loan officer will be there.  Typically the closing agent runs the closing the others are there for their part or to address any questions that arise.   You sign papers and give up your down payment – you get keys!
  • Refinance:  A bit less crowded and formal than the purchase closing and often can be done at your home. 

Bring to closing:

  1. photo ID
  2. certified funds if you are bringing funds to closing
  3. all owners of the property must sign